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Unit Challenge Coin Production

Coin Inside

NEW: 1.75" coins are available! For more information on Challenge Coins, visit our new site!

Front Mold One-Time Setup


Back Mold One-Time Setup (if not using standard back)


Back Mold (if using standard back)


1.5 inch diameter Challenge Coins (if 50-99)


1.5 inch diameter Challenge Coins (if 100-249)


1.5 inch diameter Challenge Coins (if 250+)


If needing to split up the payment between several sources (AFC-30, CO/OIC, and Morale), please contact us for ordering off-line. Please note that crests must be vectorized prior to production, at normal design rates.

The standard Coast Guard Emblem back saves you more than $100 is design & die fees (though we can do a custom back if desired); Coast Guard Auxiliary and NOAA versions are also available.

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PLEASE NOTE: Initial orders can take between 6 - 12 weeks to get to your door. This is because I often re-work the design several times over to get JUST the right effect. Fortunately, reorders are just 3-5 weeks, because the molds are saved for quick re-minting.

Coins are produced in accordance with the USCG Heraldry Manual (COMDTINST M5200.14) and in compliance with ALCOAST 269/08.