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Cruisebooks & Tourbooks

For the last two years, I've been working to make affordable, high quality cruisebooks a reality for my Coast Guard units. Through Walter's Publishing, a Minnesota-based cruisebook publisher, I've found a way to do this.

Cruisebooks are the only reliable way to preserve unit history over time. Unit websites change, digital pictures are accidentally erased, and stories are forgotten. But imagine holding your grandkids in your lap, and leafing through your cruisebook to them how you served your country when you were just a few years older than them.

As a professional Coast Guard designer and historian, I'm in a perfect position to coordinate cruisebooks for the Guard. I'm already providing excellent templates for Change of Command programs to my client units; I'll just be doing the same thing with cruisebook templates. By doing the setup work myself, I'm removing three of the main hurdles for getting a cruisebook made - time, effort, and talent. You just provide the pictures, the stories, and the captions, and I'll take care of the rest.

My first book will be for USCGC BOUTWELL's will be 32 pages, hardcover. I expect it to be complete by October 1st, 2009. I'll post photos of it here, and provide a book sample to interested units, so you can see for yourself the excellent construction & graphics quality, and reasonable price.

So, if you're in the market for a cruisebook (or patrol book, or tour book), let me know. I'd be happy to discuss the options with you.