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CutterAgent is part of the Xpressions family of businesses (Althof Enterprises, LLC)

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Graphic Design (Unit Crests, Logos, etc.)

CutterAgent has been providing high quality custom graphic design for the U.S. Coast Guard since 1994.

We work with you to create a design that works for a wide variety of applications, from signage to apparel to patches and more!

Design Level

1 Hour - Design Service ($100/hr) $100.00

2 Hours - Design Service ($100/hr) $200.00

3 Hours - Design Service ($100/hr) $300.00

4 Hours - Design Service ($100/hr) $400.00

5 Hours - Design Service ($100/hr) $500.00

6 Hours - Design Service ($100/hr) $600.00

7 Hours - Design Service ($100/hr) $700.00

8 Hours - Design Service ($100/hr) $800.00

9 Hours - Design Service ($100/hr) $900.00

10 Hours- Design Service ($100/hr) $1000.00

Some examples of CutterAgent designs...

You can see some of our recent design work on Facebook - you don't even need an account!

Here are some representative samples, with a few notes about the work.


Crest Touch-Up Projects (click a pic for an enlargement)

STATION YANKEETOWN's crest is a great example of a sharp design that just needed vectorization.
AVDET GTMO basically just needed the iguanas to be colorized and the overall look to be cleaned well as adding traditional text and rope border. Though it's a big change, the work was very simple.
GALVESTON ISLAND's crest just had to be vectorized, since the Army Institute of Heraldry only had a JPG of it. Rebuilt it in Adobe Illustrator, and also tweaked the colors a bit to make it 'pop out' a little more. The name and hull number are especially more visible from a distance now.
STANT TWO RIVERS provided excellent vector art for touch-up; it just needed some text & coloring tweaks to be 'crest-worthy'. The most important change was spelling out "STANT", and also adding sea and sky effects.

Crest Rebuilding Projects (click a pic for an enlargement)

In the ATC MOBILE C4ISR BRANCH rebuild; spent the majority of my time making the eyeball look more realistic, since that was the focal point of the design. And also changed some of the coloring for a touch of realism & depth.
I thought the text in CSNCOE's original crest was too hard to read from a distance; made sure it was larger and more prominent. Also swapped in the standard 'official' USCG shield and a more stylish globe. And finally put the ship on a water surface to anchor it to the design.
The Flood Response Operations Group allowed some leeway to make their crest a little humorous. Kept some of the traditional elements, and added in a heavily-modified clipart toad, as well as new trident art. Also made the inner text much more prominent by using white on dark backgrounds.
The CGC IBIS design started out as a simple touch-up for challenge coins, but needed some upgrading to look right. Added in some detailing on the ibis. A more realistic lifering and sea effects really gives the design a finished look.

Crest Original Design Projects (click a pic for an enlargement)

Whenever possible, we try to recycle elements of existing designs -- such as boats, qual pins, etc. In the case of STATION DULUTH, we were able to make the crest 'theirs' by concentrating on the lift bridge in their AOR. By re-using existing design elements, we're able to give my clients the most for their money.
The SECTOR UMR crest has a very detailed inner section. Just be aware, if you're thinking of doing something similar, that it's really hard to get this much detail to show properly on small items like challenge coins.

NOAA SHIP PISCES presented an interesting challenge. NOAA research ships didn't have 'ship's crests'...they always used the basic 'NOAA Meatball' instead. The primary features are a chain border, white backing with blue text, and blue inner backing.

The coat of arms is a little more complicated than Navy & USCG crests, but that's how the client wanted it!

We try to design crests as circles, owing do reduced costs for producing challenge coins, decals, and patches. In this case, though CGC DIAMONDBACK really wanted something out of the ordinary. And this is the result!
The CGC CLEAT crest is an example of some of the diverse things you can vectorize and include in a crest. In this case, the Declaration of Independence! We can do the same thing with nautical charts.