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USCG Facility Directional Signage

Click the image for a larger view

Coast Guard units are often REALLY hard to find -- even with GPS. Help new personnel and vistors find your facility with my Coast Guard Directional signs. They're the same size as other DOT street signs, so mounting should be a snap.

Material is 3mm DiBond aluminum (just like our parking signs) and they're digitally printed with a U/V protective coat to resist fading and weather.

And if there's some other kind of 'arrow' you need for your sign, just choose the "Custom Arrow" product and let me know what you need.


USCG Direction Sign 12x18 (Arrow Left) $70.00

USCG Direction Sign 12x18 (Arrow Up) $70.00

USCG Direction Sign 12x18 (Arrow Right) $70.00

USCG Direction Sign 12x18 (Arrow LeftUp) $70.00

USCG Direction Sign 12x18 (Arrow RightUp) $70.00

USCG Direction Sign 12x18 (Custom Arrow) $70.00