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Government Vehicle Magnets

These magnets are the same kind you see on commercial vehicles and delivery trucks. Much easier and more cost effective than painting up your government ride.

The Coast Guard magnet conforms to the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Manual (COMDT M11240.9C). The racing stripe is my own addition, to give your GV an instantly recognizable "Coast Guard" look.

The back magnets are required to read "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY"; You can cut it in half to fit your available space on the tailgate or trunk.

Please note, these can only be shipped to Coast Guard facility addresses.


NONREFLECTIVE USCG Vehicle Magnet 24in x 10in (Set of 2) $85.00

REFLECTIVE USCG Vehicle Magnet 24in x 10in (Set of 2) $112.50

NONREFLECTIVE USG / FOUO Back Magnet 24in x 2in (Each) $25.00

REFLECTIVE USG / FOUO Back Magnet 24in x 2in (Each) $34.50

Back magnet can be cut in half to fit around vehicle logos