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Common Access Card Rigid ID Holders, Spools, and Lanyards

My rigid ID card holders are durable AND cheesy graphics or logos anywhere on them. The small indents on the holder keep your ID from sliding out, but the thumb slider allows you to get the card out when you need it.

Perfect for protecting your DOD/USCG Common Access Card and proximity badges.

**These ID holders can only store one card -- two will jam!**

Click the below images for enlargements:


Vertical Rigid ID Holder (Pack of 5) $7.50

Horizontal Rigid ID Holder (Pack of 5) $7.50

Spool Reel w/ Pocket Clip [BLACK] (Pack of 5) $10.00

Lanyard, 5/8 inch width [BLACK] (Pack of 5) $12.50

Lanyard 5/8 inch width [NAVY BLUE] (Pack of 5) $12.50