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Hey! Where's my unit store???

Don't Panic! We're working to shift you all over to our new, active-duty specific web store,

You can follow the link above and search for your unit (the search box is still in the upper right corner of the web page), OR use the list below to click directly to your unit store.

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65' Harbor Tugs
Capstan (WYTL 65601)
Chock (WYTL 65602)
Cleat (WYTL 65615)
Hawser (WYTL 65610)
Line (WYTL 65611)
Pendant (WYTL 65608)
Shackle (WYTL 65609)
Tackle (WYTL 65604)

87' CPBs
Adelie (WPB 87333)
Ahi (WPB 87364)
Albacore (WPB 87309)
Alligator (WPB 87372)
Amberjack (WPB 87315)
Barracuda (WPB 87301)
Beluga (WPB 87325)
Blackfin (WPB 87317)
Blue Shark (WPB 87360)
Bonito (WPB 87341)
Brant (WPB 87348)
Cobia (WPB 87311)
Cochito (WPB 87329)
Coho (WPB 87321)
Crocodile (WPB 87369)
Diamondback (WPB 87370)
Dolphin (WPB 87354)
Dorado (WPB 87306)
Gannet (WPB 87334)
Ibis (WPB 87338)
Kingfisher (WPB 87322)
Kittiwake (WPB 87316)
Manatee (WPB 87363)
Manowar (WPB 87330)
Manta (WPB 87320)
Marlin (WPB 87304)
Moray (WPB 87331)
Narwhal (WPB 87335)
Osprey (WPB 87307)
Pompano (WPB 87339)
Razorbill (WPB 87332)
Reef Shark (WPB 87370)
Ridley (WPB 87328)
Sailfish (WPB 87356)
Sawfish (WPB 87357)
Sea Devil (WPB 87368)
Sea Dog (WPB 87373)
Sea Dragon (WPB 87367)
Sea Fox (WPB 87374)
Seahawk (WPB 87323)
Sea Horse (WPB 87361)
Sea Lion (WPB 87352)
Shearwater (WPB 87349)
Shrike (WPB 87342)
Skipjack (WPB 87353)
Sockeye (WPB 87337)
Steelhead (WPB 87324)
Stingray (WPB 87305)
Sturgeon (WPB 87336)
Tarpon (WPB 87310)
Tern (WPB 87343)
Terrapin (WPB 87366)
Tiger Shark (WPB 87359)
Yellowfin (WPB 87319)


Apra Harbor
Bodega Bay
Calumet Harbor
Cape Disappointment
Cape May
Channel Islands
Curtis Bay
Emerald Isle
Fort Lauderdale
Grand Isle
Humboldt Bay
Key West
Little Creek
Miami Beach
Michigan City
New London
Oak Island
Point Judith
Port Angeles
Port O'Connor
Portsmouth Harbor
Rio Vista
Sackets Harbor (personnel)
Sackets Harbor (auxiliary)
Sackets Harbor (civilian)

All CutterAgent products are designed in accordance with the Coast Guard Heraldry Manual (COMDTINST M5200.14A) and with the permission of the Coast Guard Community Relations Office (CG-09223).