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Unit Trader Cards

For a few years now, I've been looking for a great 'under $0.50' item for units to hand out at public affairs events. Decals are OK, but not "permanent" or "collectable". Fortunately, Air Station San Francisco gave me the terrific idea to make trader cards. I found a company that prints full-color law enforcement & sports cards, negotiated a discount, and have designed my own template for Coast Guard traders.

I'll be creating 'stock' cards for smallboats, aircraft, and other "non-unit-specific" platforms...and will be prioritizing my work based on your input. So let me know what you'd like to see first...I'll post them as I build them.

You can't judge quality based on a website photo, so I'd be happy to mail you a sample. Just click on the sample product below to order one.

Just sent a photo for the front and some text & a pic for the back. I'll add in appropriate nautical/aviation charts, crest, and unit address. If using this stock template, no setup fee will apply.

Click the trader card image to enlarge it


Unit Trader Cards - Sample Card $0.00

Unit Trader Cards - Box of 500 ($0.36/ea) $180.00

Unit Trader Cards - Box of 1000 ($0.21/ea) $210.00

Unit Trader Cards - Box of 2500 ($0.11/ea) $275.00

Unit Trader Cards - Box of 5000 ($0.075/ea) $375.00

Unit Trader Cards - Box of 10000 ($0.055/ea) $550.00

Shipping Included Shipping is included in this item's price.