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CutterAgent is part of the Xpressions family of businesses (Althof Enterprises, LLC)

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Is CutterAgent the Best Supplier for Your Unit's Needs?

Sample Kit
Includes items from past Coast Guard projects.  It's free, but still  choose "Pay By Check" as your payment method.
Limit one per unit; shipping will be via most economical means (USPS or UPS).

It's a fact -- no single company is a perfect fit for every customer.

That said, I've found that CutterAgent is typically the ideal supplier for small to medium size Coast Guard units. And sometimes the best match for large units too! Here's why...

1.  Coast Guard Focus. The Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary and NOAA are my ONLY clients (and I like it that way). The needs of these organizations are so similar that it's easy for me to research & develop products that will be useful to my whole client base. That keeps my overhead costs down, and keeps me from spreading myself too thin. Most importantly, I've able to stay on top of trends and regulations that affect how you carry out the morale collateral.

Mail2.  Personal communication.  I handle all client e-mails myself.   As I get to know you and your duty station, it will be easier for me to anticipate your needs. I'm happy to give advice about what sells well at other units, what your pricing to the crew should be, and generally how to make the most of your morale collateral. And if you find yourself in a tight spot (like you forgot to order a ballcap for your new CO), I'll always do my best to save the day.

3.  Easy one-stop shopping through the CutterAgent website. Nearly everything CutterAgent offers can be viewed and ordered through the website.  My free unit web stores make ordering and re-ordering very simple, and I set up unit crests and artwork so that they can easily be used for a wide variety of processes -- like patch production, screenprinting, challenge coins and decals. So you're not stuck running around to find the artwork you need!

4.  Simple pricing and low minimum orders.  I know how tough it can be for small Coast Guard units to meet other vendors' order mimimums...that's why I've set my apparel minimum at just 12 -- and my unit ballcaps have no minimum. Also, pricing can be easily viewed in the web stores, so you can quickly figure out your bulk discounts for large orders.

5.  I've eliminated the guesswork.   As a morale officer, you may have had to pore through several thick apparel catalogs to to decide what to order.  Not with CutterAgent.   I've taken that burden off your back -- because I've already picked the best items from those catalogs for sale through my Web Stores. This way, you can be confident that what you're getting is accepted for unit wear, because other units already order it.

In short, CutterAgent is a unique company, for a unique group of clients. I don't try to be a "jack of all trades" by marketing to the Department of Defense, law enforcement agencies and corporations. Instead, by focusing on JUST the needs of the Coast Guard and NOAA, I'm able to provide top-notch service and great products, ideally suited to the needs of USCG and NOAA units worldwide.

Take a look at what other customers have to say, and order a Unit Sample Kit to decide if CutterAgent is right for YOUR unit.

Best regards,
Rob Green
Founder and Strategic Advisor, CutterAgent
USCG Academy Class of 1998